About Us

Herb + Home

Herb + Home is an artisanal apothecary + home goods company.

We offer a variety of items and hand-crafted, organic products to support the well-being of our bodies, minds, and spirits. We love plants. Our plant- and nature-based creations are infused with love and healing intentions that incorporate the natural rhythms and cycles of mother earth. We believe that nature is sacred, and we strive to honor the earth with natural, organic products that are low-impact and eco-friendly.

At Herb + Home we really love plants, and we marvel at their abilities to heal humans and provide for all life. We believe that having plants around us increases our quality of life, and helps us to connect with nature and it's subtle Qi (as it's referred to in Traditional Chinese Medicine) or "life-force-energy".

At Herb + Home we strive to make herbalism, ecology, and design accessible. We work to provide botanic design home care products for happy and healthy environment. Proudly, our curated collections of home and garden goods help bring nature to you.